Salerno Energia

CUSTOMER: SALERNO ENERGIA Sector: Energetic Customer Aim: Collect expressions of interest and adherence to the new offer integrated management of gas and electricity for domestic use. Cartolinea solution: Implementation of a Cartogift with coupon data collection in the door and brochure with pre-paid envelope to return inside the pocket. Compared to the traditional envelope with […]

Royal Caribbean

CUSTOMER: ROYAL CARIBBEAN Sector: Tourist Customer Aim: Send to travel agencies that distribute their products and to a selected archive of influencers a USB card with multimedia content and an invitation to visit their largest ships in the world arriving in Italy Cartolinea solution: Implementation of a cartoGift containing a USB card in credit card […]

Azienda Ospedaliera di Salerno

CUSTOMER: AZIENDA OSPEDALIERA DI SALERNO Sector: Health Customer Aim: To advertise the “Pink Card Project” campaign, which was a female breast cancer prevention mailing addressed to women. Cartolinea solution: A CartoCard with inside the “Pink Card”. This pink card is a USB card produced by the Italian NHS, which contained the personal data they held […]

Renée Blanche

CUSTOMER: RENÉE BLANCE Sector: Cosmetics Customer Aim: To carry out a test of the product before launching it on the market. Cartolinea solution: A CartoGift containing a product sample of the new body cream and a QR-Code with a promotional video of the company. The tear-off coupon was used to inform customers about the company […]