Carto Gift

The innovative “postal” card concept to send a gift to your customers.



Fully customizable
with any design and/or variable data


1) Shipping cost effectively
2) Personalised address panel
3) Special pocket with security perforated anti anti-tempering sealed system stub that guarantees contents confidentiality
4) Printable area to contain either a design or variable data at customer’s choice


By tearing off the perforated stub you open the pocket and reach the gift previously inserted and if needed matched. This gift can be matched with the format including a barcode, a password, or any other confidential message, personal unique information.

Detachable Coupon

By detaching from the “postal” card, the pocket size panel along the perforated edge, you can obtain a wide range of solutions: a reserved unique promotional offer, a voucher (discount for example) an invitation, a bar coded badge, a calendar, any other variable data/token

Case history

Salerno Energia

Sector: Energetic

Customer Aim:

Collect expressions of interest and adherence to the new offer integrated management of gas and electricity for domestic use.

Cartolinea solution:

Implementation of a Cartogift with coupon data collection in the door and brochure with pre-paid envelope to return inside the pocket. Compared to the traditional envelope with the letter, Cartogift generated higher level of attention and interest in the initiative.

Royal Caribbean

Sector: Tourist

Customer Aim:

Send to travel agencies that distribute their products and to a selected archive of influencers a USB card with multimedia content and an invitation to visit their largest ships in the world arriving in Italy

Cartolinea solution:

Implementation of a cartoGift containing a USB card in credit card format screen printed entirely. Inside the wing was added to an invitation to visit the ships by booking an unlisted phone number. MAF has also managed the production and printing of the card USB

Azienda Ospedaliera di Salerno

Sector: Health

Customer Aim:

To advertise the “Pink Card Project” campaign, which was a female breast cancer prevention mailing addressed to women.

Cartolinea solution:

A CartoCard with inside the “Pink Card”. This pink card is a USB card produced by the Italian NHS, which contained the personal data they held for each single patient. The coupon was used as a pocket coupon listing all patient useful numbers

Renée Blanche

Sector: Cosmetics

Customer Aim:

To carry out a test of the product before launching it on the market.

Cartolinea solution:

A CartoGift containing a product sample of the new body cream and a QR-Code with a promotional video of the company. The tear-off coupon was used to inform customers about the company mission