Carto FM

The postcard large format
allows you to send the card even with coupons
vouchers and personalized deck packed in



Mailing with image of large size and customization


1) Plenty of space communication on the back of the package
2) Enter the recipient’s computer
3) Top pocket opening to tear burglary
4) Lower pocket or second opening to tear down, releasing a door that is detachable and can be customized to become a coupon or gift certificate


The large top pocket is able to accommodate blocks of discount coupons, product samples and limited thickness of gadgets, but also leaflets and brochures folded or wrapped with staple. Make out your message with unique and innovative package that allows the customization of all elements of the communication

Detachable Coupon

The bottom pocket is designed to stay securely personalized cards, but also vouchers, tickets and coupons. And the detachable sash can become a discount coupon, a gift, an invitation.

Case history

Kit Tourists

Sector: Tourist

Customer Aim:

Encourage the request of the Postepay card through the promotion of the benefits of discount and conventions connected during their travel and holiday resorts

Cartolinea solution:

CartoFM in his inside pocket contains the forms needed to request Postepay card at any post office and a list of opportunities and benefits related to its ownership in the specific area of the visit (the first example made ​​Matera)


Sector: Public Entity

Customer Aim:

Launch of Corporate Loyalty Card (CartaFreccia Business) – reservata to small business customers and professionals – sent along with a book of discounts welcome to propose the subscription witha welcome kit of great value

Cartolinea solution:

CartoFM features a double pocket with tear opening easy and secure. The book of coupons / vouchers are contained in the top pocket largest paper in the bottom and smaller.


Sector: Public Entity

Customer Aim:

To promote the new feature contactless card Poste Pay, by sending a book with benefits as a member cardholders.

Cartolinea solution:

CartoFM provides an effective solution by a double pocket with tear opening easy and secure. The book of coupons / vouchers is contained in the upper pocket largest while in the lower one, always opened by tearing, shows how to use the card