Cartolinea® is the tool of your success


Cartolinea ® is designed to give you all the space communication you need in the format more compact that you could want, to have maximum impact and higher redemption contact with a cost optimized according to the rules postal.


Cartolinea ® gives you all the technical solutions and creative ways to enhance any direct communication to the person; is easy to transfer messages dedicated for each addressee, in every part of package, thanks to the possibility of personalization in the front, rear and interior the postcard.


Cartolinea ® allows you to enter any kind of personal content to the recipient (coupons, freebies, codes) from inserts already produced and individualized with a barcode or QR Code: Card / Card, CD / DVD, USB Flash Drives, discount vouchers / tickets Gadgets reduced thickness

The advantages of the solution Cartolinea

Reduces the costs of communication
Improve Return on investment
Increases sales
Lowers the cost of shipping
It allows the creation of an innovative and very timely
Promotes communication with the memory of the surprise effect

Vitality and virality of direct marketing


The research DMA (Direct Marketing Association) 2012 reports the average response rate on lists customers at 3.42% for direct mail versus 0.12% for email marketing campaigns (almost 30 times more).

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Direct marketing works more. The average response formats postcard lists of customers was 3.99%, 17% more than the average mailing envelope.



The success of formats Cartolinea, lies in consistency with the current mode of use of advertising messages, deeply influenced by digital communication and His direct approach, quick and interactive

Patent Cartolinea An innovative and open to the multichannel

Cartolinea is a set of solutions papermaking able to convey ideas and emotions more than any other means, for the ability to support the message with multimedia content, customized smart card, product samples, gadgets.