Carto Plus

Carto Plus

The innovative "postal" card concept that includes
a personal confidential message and a pocket size token.

Carto Plus Front


Fully customizable
with any graphic design and wording
Carto Plus Back


1) Shipping cost effectively thanks to approval Poste Italian
2) Personalised address panel
3) Printable area to contain either a
designor variable data at customer’s choice
Carto Plus Inside


With an easy tear-off vertical perforation CartoPlus opens up to reveal the inner unique
personalized message
Carto Plus Detachable Coupon

Detachable Coupon

By detaching from the “postal” card, the pocket size panel along the perforated edge, you can obtain a wide range of solutions: a reserved unique promotional offer, a voucher (discount for example)
an invitation, a bar coded badge, a calendar, any other variable data/token
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