Carto FM

Carto FM

The postcard large format 
allows you to send the card even with coupons 
vouchers and personalized deck packed in

Carto FM Front


Mailing with image of large size and
Carto FM Back


1) Plenty of space communication on the back of the package
2) Enter the recipient's computer
3) Top pocket opening to tear burglary
4) Lower pocket or second opening to tear down, releasing a door that is detachable and can be customized to become a coupon or gift certificate
Carto FM Inside


The large top pocket is able to accommodate blocks of discount coupons, product samples and limited thickness of gadgets, but also leaflets and brochures folded or wrapped with staple. Make out your message with unique and innovative package that allows the customization of all elements of the communication
Carto FM Detachable Coupon

Detachable Coupon

The bottom pocket is designed to stay securely personalized cards, but also vouchers, tickets and coupons. And the detachable sash can become a discount coupon, a gift, an invitation.
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