Carto Card

Carto Card

The innovative "postal" card concept that allows you to send any kind 
of fidelity cards, loyalty points cards. prepaid cards, cashpoint cards, 
electronic cards and others.

Carto Card Front


Fully customizable with
any design and/or variable data
Carto Card Back


1) Shipping cost effectively thanks to approval
Poste Italian
2) Personalised address panel
3) Special pocket with security perforated
anti anti-tempering sealed system stub that guarantees
contents confidentiality
4) Printable area to contain either
a design or variable data at customer’s choice
Carto Card Inside


By tearing off the perforated stub you open the pocket and reach the card previously inserted and matched. The card can be personalisd and matched with the format including a barcode, a password, or any other confidential message, personal unique information.
Carto Card Detachable Coupon

Detachable Coupon

By detaching from the "postal" card, the pocket size panel along the perforated edge, you can obtain a wide range of solutions: a reserved unique promotional offer, a voucher (discount for example)
an invitation, a bar coded badge, a calendar, any other variable data/token
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