Carto Box

Carto Box

It is more than a box. CartoBox is a tear off burglar-proof packaging fully customizable. Born to transform each dispatch into an experience and bring customers home every type of publishing product (books, DVDs, Blue Rays and memory media in general), product samples and valuable gadgets. Cartobox allows to package significant amounts saving in processing time and costs.

Carto Box Front


Easy tear off burglar-proof opening with inner and outer customizable fold.
Carto Box Rear


Open or closed window for the dispatch address: it can access the promotional postal tariffs Postatarget differently according to the weight and overall dimensions of the package insert
Carto Box Inner


Sizes and thickness could be adapted to the contents in order to provide greater protection for the insert and the packaging. The opening fold could be furthermore die-cut to obtain a detachable shape (a coupon or a memo card)
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